1800 Success

1800 Success

The medium-to-not-at-all anticipated show with Aaron Chen and Jon Lo is live on iView and Youtube. I directed & wrote with these deros.

New (old) comedy short - We Punched A Nazi

New (old) comedy short - We Punched A Nazi

Here is a piece that I directed and co-wrote with Cameron James. It stars Becky Lucas, Tom Walker, Cameron James and Greg Larsen. It's about nazis but actually it's just about not dogging your mates.

henry stone on talent scout podcast


I went on Talent Scout and chatted to the brothers Jowono (copy pasted from their site for spelling) about making Fancy Boy and writing/directing/performing comedy in general.

Listen here: http://www.talentscoutpod.com/blog-1/2017/1/24/episode-45-henry-stone

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obedience short comedy film henry stone writer director

New short film OBEDIENCE

Here's a little piece of dirty work that I put together with Aaron Chen and an actor man off star now and a dog that was quite difficult to obtain.

Already it's been divisive, some youtube dude is flipping out about what happens to the dog while others either find it funny or are ambivalent and behave towards it in a distant way like a mid 20s man who has been asked to look after an unknown child while at some shops or somewhere.

Blank Slate Movie Podcast With Comedian Henry Stone


In December I sat down with my important friends Alexei & Cameron to talk about all the best/worst things about movies for the year. Despite no longer being a regular member of this podcast I still wish it all the success it deserves and am constantly thankful that I spent as much time on it as I did, because we all got free Stan subscriptions.


Movies Henry Stone, comedian, watched in 2016

What I watched in 2016.

At the end of 2015 friend & known Greekboi Alexei Toliopolous told me of a cinema centric social media platform called Letterboxd.

This seemed like the coolest (hottest), most artistic way of summarising my feelings and experiences with the movies I was watching (and fuckashlingo do I watch a bungtonne of movies babby). Usually when I watch a movie I forget about it within 5 to 9 days cos in that time I overload my brain with porno gifs and new hacking techniques. But now with Letterboxd I could do a brain dump and archive my incredible, unique and worth-preserving taste forever online into the chunky cloud.

So throughout 2016, every time I watched a movie I wrote a journal entry about it. To start I also did star ratings but then cos I'm a hot new yung Australian comedian & writer & director & shit with a hot TV show out I felt guilty about perpetuating the broken artistic criticism culture which relies too heavily on quantification and not enough on engaged discussion, qualitative analysis and ultimately eloquence and intelligence of the critic. So yeah I stopped doing stars.

Engage(TM) with the flicks I watched in 2016 on Letterboxd here.

At the end of the year my stats were as follows (note I don't giv a fuk bout this sort of quantitative analysis).

  • 201 watched.
  • 65 comedies.
  • 36 documentary.
  • 21 horror.
  • 5 historical dramas.
  • 15 Australian films.
  • 5 cringeworthies that due to their release date have made it into the collage above (Steve O, Dirty Grandpa, The Fundamentals Of Caring, Point Break 2015, The Do Over, Suicide Squad, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 & Deadpool - that's more than 5 but asking a filmboi how much trash he actually sat down to in a year instead of watching some HQ world movie shit is like asking a high society lady her age - the answer is always 69).


henry stone comedy comedian australian comedy fancy boy sketch comedy stand up comedy jaydos henry stone writer director


I, Henry Stone (comedy pig), wrote & directed a fake viral with Sambo Cambo, CatCall, Madeleine Culp & a cool actress I met named Christine Snell.

While the original Youtube posting sits humbly at 70k views, in the 4 days it's been out, the video has been scooped into the weird & mucky world of meme & content sharing. Its views across Facebook are in the vicinity of 3+ million and its greater web distribution as far as I can count all the re-uploads & gifs is sitting at another 2 + million.

This insanely stupid thing is now quite possible my most prolific piece of work.



For four years Fancy Boy has been writing and performing some kookachewked comedy sketches both on stage and for screen.

This year a lil bit of an aussiedream(tm) came true and we got to write, perform and produce our first ever TV show! We were joined on screen by some heckers tite mates like Anne Edmonds & Damien Power and worked behind the scenes with the likes of Declan Fay and Checkpoint Media.

If you're in Australia you can watch it all on ABC iView at once RIGHT DA COCK NOW or week to week on ABC2, Thursdays at 10pm.

It's available in the US on January 12 through Seeso and hopefully soon everywhere else in the world.