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Movies Henry Stone, comedian, watched in 2016

What I watched in 2016.

At the end of 2015 friend & known Greekboi Alexei Toliopolous told me of a cinema centric social media platform called Letterboxd.

This seemed like the coolest (hottest), most artistic way of summarising my feelings and experiences with the movies I was watching (and fuckashlingo do I watch a bungtonne of movies babby). Usually when I watch a movie I forget about it within 5 to 9 days cos in that time I overload my brain with porno gifs and new hacking techniques. But now with Letterboxd I could do a brain dump and archive my incredible, unique and worth-preserving taste forever online into the chunky cloud.

So throughout 2016, every time I watched a movie I wrote a journal entry about it. To start I also did star ratings but then cos I'm a hot new yung Australian comedian & writer & director & shit with a hot TV show out I felt guilty about perpetuating the broken artistic criticism culture which relies too heavily on quantification and not enough on engaged discussion, qualitative analysis and ultimately eloquence and intelligence of the critic. So yeah I stopped doing stars.

Engage(TM) with the flicks I watched in 2016 on Letterboxd here.

At the end of the year my stats were as follows (note I don't giv a fuk bout this sort of quantitative analysis).

  • 201 watched.
  • 65 comedies.
  • 36 documentary.
  • 21 horror.
  • 5 historical dramas.
  • 15 Australian films.
  • 5 cringeworthies that due to their release date have made it into the collage above (Steve O, Dirty Grandpa, The Fundamentals Of Caring, Point Break 2015, The Do Over, Suicide Squad, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 & Deadpool - that's more than 5 but asking a filmboi how much trash he actually sat down to in a year instead of watching some HQ world movie shit is like asking a high society lady her age - the answer is always 69).